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On February 5th, 2012, the owners of Sheshan Golf Estate gathered at the premier country club to celebrate the forthcoming Lantern Festival...
Sheshan Golf Club marked the event by offering a wide range of entertainment performances and activities and everyone who attended the celebrations had a truly enjoyable time.

Guests at the party were welcomed with fun Lantern Festival booth activities and a range of different performances, which included lantern riddles, sugar painting, and lantern lighting. At 6:30 P.M., joyous gong and drumbeats announced the official start of the event. On behalf of all the owners, Ms. Cui Rong and Ms. Guo Lingling painted the eyes onto the lion figures before the professional lion dance performers presented a fabulous show that brought New Year blessings to everyone. Following this, the audience was wowed by an amazing Chinese acrobatic act in which the performers balanced porcelain vats on their heads or feet and catapulted them in the air before seamlessly catching them again. The owners’ children made their own contribution to the evening’s festivities. Li Yuzhou told a lovely story, and Wu Yunkuan sang the famous Chinese military song, “Return from the Shooting Range.” Max, Madeline, and Zhou Baorui performed a trio of “The Jasmine Flower.” The guests warmly received the performances.

In addition to the mesmerizing entertainment on offer, guests were offered an opportunity to participate in a wide range of fun activities, including making sweet soup balls and hanging lanterns; it was great to see everyone getting heavily involved in the festivities. One of the highlights of the evening was the lucky draw, during which winning tickets were drawn in an extremely interesting manner. Following tradition, the winning tickets were wrapped in soup balls and the lucky guests that came across them as they enjoyed the delicious soup won luxurious prizes!

The party was brought to the perfect end with a beautiful firework display that lit up the sky and delighted the audience. The owners had an unforgettable night, the joy of which will accompany them throughout the Year of the Dragon.
Enveloped in an evening haze, Sheshan exuded a distinct charm of mystery on the eve of Halloween. A specially planned costume party...
With the music of I Will Catch You in the background and a captivating poster at the entrance door, the partygoers were welcomed by “elves,” who held pumpkin lanterns and magic wands aloft. Every participant was given a fluorescent breast pin in the shape of a butterfly and a mask to wear, which created an air of mystery and intrigue and ensured that everyone was part of the fantasy. A photograph was taken of every guest, giving them memories of this special night to take home and savor forever.

As the night fell, owners of the Estate and their families gathered at the party wearing the costumes that they had meticulously prepared: Black spider, white ghost, Ultraman, witch, magician, Spiderman, clown, Garfield, leaf feeder, dragonfly and more, all came to celebrate the occasion together.

The party began 7 p.m. sharp. A western-style buffet dinner and a variety of interesting performances and games were presented by the Club, offering both adults and children alike a fun and enjoyable evening. Pumpkin on The Tongue, Happy Magician, Trample His Balloon, Wrap The Mummy, A Bite on The Apple… every game was just as enjoyable as the last and each winner even received a special prize.

The most unforgettable part of the evening simply had to be the classic “Trick Or Treat” game. Every house was fully prepared for the excited kids knocking at the door, asking for sweets. The parents were delighted to share such a night of joy, fun, and laughter with the children, many of whom wished that this dreamlike fairyland would stay forever.
In the same way that the soothing aroma snakes and disperses around you as you open up a bottle of vintage wine, the warm early spring sunshine finally...
The warm early spring sunshine finally embraces the lavish greens on the Sheshan Golf Course. Spring, a season that represents new birth and renewal, is undoubtedly a very special time of the year, but what makes this season even more pleasant is the cheerful laughter that emanates from the children and highlights the peaceful and tranquil ambience at Sheshan.

"I like to come here and sing, dance, and learn with my friends," revealed 7-year-old Meimei as she played happily at the Children’s Center. Meimei has been a frequent visitor here since the center first opened and, as with many children from the community, this is the place where she spends most of her leisure time after school.

The Children’s Center at Sheshan Country Club is complete with a wide range of facilities, including a reading room, swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court, and kid’s corner . The club recognizes the importance of achieving a good balance of opportunities to learn and play and a multiple of educational experiences and courses are also on offer. These cover both physical and mental development areas, such as a variety of sports classes, courses that are intended to encourage diverse thinking, and academic programs that are aimed at helping children to prepare for their future school life. In addition to this, the center also provides one-on-one classes for children under 5, offering tailored learning plans that help them to happily and healthily develop their body and mind.

In one of the courses, for example, the children were taught to do picture talks, which helped them to recognize Chinese characters, cultivate their imagination and create language performances. On a different occasion, the children learned paper folding, something that was beneficial to their reasoning and practical abilities, but also provided them with an opportunity to develop cognitive competence for space and geometry. All the children were so enamored with the paper folding activities that they proudly showcased their pieces of work to their fellow classmates and teachers.

The sports courses are also of huge benefit to the participants. Take the swimming class for example. Hirshi was a bit shy when we attempted to talk to him. But when the photography session began he started to perform loops in the water and showcased what he learned from the coach – could we have a future athlete in our midst?

Children can find almost everything they need at the center, including opportunities to learn, exercise, be entertained, make friends and socialize. The smiling faces of the children, parents, and teachers featured in the photographs of the location confirm that it really is a paradise found for all at Sheshan Golf Estate.
Motherly love is regarded as the most selfless and heart-warming of all affections. Mother’s Day fell on May 12th this year and was celebrated by...
Interaction Moment On the very day of activity, children accompanied by their parents arrived at Sheshan Country Club. On the tables in the hall were white kites and colored pencils, which were surrounded by kids itching to try their hands at the activity. The site began to heat up in a convivial atmosphere.

Surprises emerged continuously one after another. One of the main activities of the day was hand-wrapped dumplings made by the children for their mother. It was a fun and interesting process making dumplings for most of these kids. Dressed like a chef, the small hands were busy kneading the dumpling skin. Soon, dumplings of different shapes and sizes started to take shape, before the moms offered their assistance.

After the dumplings were put into boiling water, games were played between moms and kids, including “Touching Mom’s Hand”, in which kids, blindfolded, needed to make out their mom’s hands by feeling them with their own hands. “Mom’s hands are soft. Her nails are tapered…” There were always roaring cheers from the crowd when a kid recognized his mother.

Family Fun After a moment, as the kids’ handmade dumplings were served, they volunteered to feed their mother, and send carnations – the flowers of motherly love – and their message to their moms. “Mommy’s love is the greatest love in the world. Mom, I love you forever…” was what Zhang Zhanhao said, which made his mother shed tears of excitement. The two hugged and all present were quietly moved by those few simple words.

The last section of the program was painting on white kites, a job all children were adept in. Some kids drew their mother and others lovely animals, showcasing their talent. A picture was then taken about them holding a painted kite to be sent to sky in good weather. They couldn’t wait to tell the beautiful sky their wishes and love for their mother. Laughter and fragrance of carnations decorated this Mother’s Day, and here’s wishing all mothers happiness.
In the sunny summer, children in Sheshan Golf Estate happily began this year’s summer camp. As the second summer camp of Sheshan Golf Estate...
New courses popular among the children were added ontop of the traditional sports held last year.These included skidding, little kitchen, theater per formance among others. Combining static and dynamic courses, the summer camp left rich and happy summer memories for the children. Although the summer camp only lasted for two weeks, its courses were rich and interesting.

Traditional sports such as basketball, tennis and swimming not only served as exercise for the children but also enhanced their sense of teamwork. Little kitchen, DIY, painting and other courses gave full play to the children’s hands and demonstrated diversified ideas and thought. Courses such as theater performance, taekwondo and dance stimulated the children’s potential artistic talent and displayed another impressive aspect of the children. The outdoor experience course was particularly popular among the children: experiencing the speed and passion of racing in the hot sun; feeling the difficulty of survival and the power of knowledge in the simulated wilderness scenario; getting in close contact with nature on horseback; sweating and challenging themselves inside the rink. For the children, the biggest harvest is that through studying and getting along with others in the summer camp, they learned to be grateful and care for and understand others, starting a new journey of life with a grateful heart.

Happy times are always short. The kids recalled all the happenings of the two weeks at the ending ceremony. They harvested their achievements and honors, and looked forward to another summer camp in the next year. “Health, Sunshine, Joy and Dream” will remain as the theme of Sheshan Golf Estate Camp, and the kids’ happiness and vitality will linger among the trees and grass in Sheshan Golf Estate for a long time.
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